Sunday, October 4, 2009

spice of life festival in the gourmet ghetto

i stopped by the spice of life festival in the gourmet ghetto today. i posted the pics on flickr if you are interested. here is a link to the set

my fave pic is the one that i took of inside of the corso booth....

they were working like machines....there was a lot of hustle going in in that booth. it is kind of amazing how much food they produced in such a small space. i think most of you dear hearts know what a fan i am of corso....and unsurprisingly my fave taste of the festival was their pork belly sandwich with the heirloom tomatoes and frisee.

it was absolutely yummy. i loved the succulent pork with the morsels of tomatoes. hmmmmmm. goood.

until later later dear hearts....



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