Thursday, November 12, 2009

ca grown arkansas black apples

since i am meeting SN for dinner at a french place in the city tonight, i'm doing quick small noshes throughout the day rather than having a lunch. one of the things i decided to try were these arkansas black apples that i bought at my local market.

i have never heard of them before. before any of you localvores decide to come at me with sharpened chef knives, these were grown in california.

since i am doing quick bites today, i thought this would be a great opportunity to try this "new to me" fruit.

first up, this is probably the hardest apple i have ever picked up and felt before.

it has a sort of waxy feel to the outside, even when you wash and wash them. i really didn't know what to expect when i cut into it.....

and well, it looks like a typical apple. while i was cutting into it, i kept wondering, am i going to break my teeth on this apple? i also noticed that the slices of apple browned up real quick....substantially quicker than other apples i've eaten before. just wanted to pass on that tidbit for those who are interested in turning these into potential fruit you'll need that lemon juice at the ready to keep it from browning immediately.

the flavor of the apple was slightly tart and slightly sweet. surprisingly, it wasn't as hard as i was expecting once i bit into a slice. oddly enough, the longer the slices stayed out the less crisp they seemed to be. for example, the first slice i ate was markedly crisper than the last piece. actually, this may be because different portions of the apple may have been more crisp than others, but if that is the case, i'll post an update.

this is the first arkansas black apple i've tried. i have no idea if this is a "cooking" apple as well as an "eating" apple. yet, i think i'll try sauteing some slices with butter, cinnamon, and agave....maybe to have over some yogurt or toasted acme upstairs bread. well, obviously not today since i've got to get back to work as well as studiously avoiding a certain email in my personal inbox, but i think i'll try sauteing the apple slices at another time.

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