Thursday, November 12, 2009

celebration of happiness

there is no leaving my place for my afternoon break today as there is much to do before i meet up with SN tonight for dinner. so, here i sit, sipping my large mug of tea, taking a break away from work stuff and trying to avoid a certain email sitting in my inbox. i'll open the know...eventually. maybe like, at 5:30pm before i head out to see SN. yet that could be bad. i have a distinct bad feeling about this particular email that was waiting for me when i woke up this morning and have a feeling that i'll want to stomp my feet in frustration or cry. that sounds so pleasant doesn't it? crying on BART on the way to see SN. nice. real nice.

anyway, i realized that before i open said email later this evening and experience a flood of not so positive emotions, i should take a few moments to talk about something that is very positive that i have been thinking about and that is the celebration of happiness. a foodie friend invited me to their place this past weekend for an evening cocktail party to partake in some absolutely lovely food that included a caramelized onion cheese tart....


chewy pecan bars....

and these mushroom phyllo triangles (see above pic). it was all very delicious and her soon to be husband made an absolutely yummy cocktail that consisted of strawberry infused vodka, basil, and a hint of balsamic.

when i asked him about the food preparations, he said that he wasn't the foodie...umm, based on the cocktail he made...i don't think foodieness (is that a word?) is only in one-half of this couple.

while i had a lovely time noshing and visiting with folks i hadn't seen in a while, what i kept thinking about was how important it is to celebrate happiness. life truly is too short and we don't know what is going to happen. we really don't. i look upon this friend and see how happy, in love, and loved she is.... and it just makes me smile. it makes me feel happy to know and see that she is happy.....and i don't think that there is really enough of that in this world.

now don't fall over in shock everybody. i didn't all of a sudden become this sentimental sodden emo mess. i am still the curmudgeonly foodie hunter well aware of my quirks, faults, and sometimes quite piercing judgments. i am fully aware that if i don't like you, i could really care less if you are happy or not. yet, for those that i like and care for, i see nothing amiss with wanting them to be happy and to celebrate their happiness.

it makes quite logical sense doesn't it? or well, it makes sense according to foodie hunter logic anyway.

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