Monday, November 16, 2009

it isn't you. it's me...

you look lovely and intriguing.

i couldn't help myself when i saw you as i was tempted by my own expectations of your complexity and admittedly, the novelty factor in sampling your creamy wares.

alas, after the first taste i realized that i made a mistake. i don't want to hurt your feelings, but i regretted it. it is my fault. i should have been more careful in my expectations and my actions. i was careless. yet, alas, it is isn't you. there isn't any fault in the soft creamy texture.....and you really do taste like beets. it was a mistake on my part, because, well, i love beets (roasted, raw, pickled, etc.) and thought, "well why not give beet cheesecake a try?"

however, i've come to the conclusion that we are not to be. i am certain that you will find someone that can fully appreciate you as you are all that you've promised you be. i can't be the one for you....but i want you to know that it isn't you, it's me.


Jun Belen said...

I love beets, too. And that cupcake sure looks tasty. So sorry it wasn't as tasty as it looked. Where did you have it?

foodie hunter said...

it is a part of the "harvest sampler" from studebaker cheesecake. i must admit that i picked up the sampler because i wanted to try the beet flavor. the other flavors in the sampler are pumpkin, sweet potato, plain with a dollop of meyer lemon on top, and plain.