Wednesday, November 25, 2009

julia wertz

i'm noshing on some manchego cheese for my afternoon snack and wanted to take a moment or two to blog about julia wertz. my noshing on cheese is quite appropriate as julia appears to have quite the deep and abiding affection for cheese. i have been thinking about writing about julia for a while....those of you dear hearts who i see on a regular basis have probably already seen copies of her books at my place....or have seen the links to her comics online, or links to images from her flickr page.....because, well, i have foisted them on you via email.

i think she is very talented.

i first came across julia's work during one of my weekly visits to comic relief. they were selling the second volume of Fart Party in the "new section" on the back wall and found myself laughing out loud in the store as i flipped through it. i carried it around the store with me as i searched for for the first volume...but alas, i didn't see a copy. i bought the second volume that day because i've learned that when i see something at comic relief that i like, i just buy it...even if i don't plan to read it until later. i decided that i would read vol 2 after i read vol 1 (because i'm weird like that)....but it didn't stop me from reading her work online.

i found her frank and honest observations to be really funny. sometimes heart breakingly funny. sometimes gut busting funny. sometimes, kinda sorta cute (she prob wouldn't like that term very much) funny.

then, a few weeks ago, julia had posted a note on her web site indicating that she had copies of vol 1 that she was i quickly bought it.

i recently finished reading vol 1 and i decided to write about julia's work because of a couple of the letters appeared in the back of vol 1.

there were a couple of notes from readers that were very harsh.

maybe it is the ex-editor in me, but i can only imagine how difficult it is to receive that sort of feedback....especially, when i think she is very talented.

so i wanted to take a random break from work and snacking on cheese moment to just put some thoughts out in the online sphere regarding why i enjoy her work and why think she is talented. the core theme throughout julia's work right now is autobiographical. according to one of her random updates on her facebook page, there seems to be other projects in the works....but the majority of her work is autobiographical (although there is this great anthology that she edited called i saw you which includes comics inspired by "missed connections" on craigslist...i think my copy is still at the best friend's house actually). i think it is rare to see/read folks that are willing to be that incredibly honest in their observations....and communicate their work in such a way that it is accessible. i can't imagine that it is easy to be so be willing to put yourself out there....where you are opening yourself up for potential harsh criticisms and judgements.

when i read julia's work there are moments where i am laughing with her and at her....there are moments when i wrinkle my nose and think "did you really do that? OMG. i still like you."...and there are other moments, where i wish i could just give her a hug (i.e., one of the last panels in vol 1) and hope that she wouldn't hit me.

personally, i don't think there are a lot of works (no matter what the medium) that i have these sort of reactions to....and do not think eliciting so many responses from a reader is a small feat.....especially this particular reader who is pretty well known for her cynicism. so, if you haven't figured it out by now dear hearts.....i'm definitely a fan....and i look forward to seeing what else she decides to come up with.

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Fart party.

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Farts are funny.