Sunday, November 22, 2009

move me

i decided that i had done enough work on one of my projects that i could sneak away for a while (i mean, it is sunday) and hop on BART (see above pic) to attend the early session of the sf hip hop dance fest.

i wasn't disappointed and enjoyed myself quite a bit. it was lovely to see such an array of talent, artistry, and technique. after the show was over, i walked over the kara's in the marina to grab a cupcake.

unfortunately, they were out of the fleur de sel chocolate cupcake which is my i grabbed the java cupcake instead.

as i was munching on my cupcake, i was trying to figure out how i would be able to give you all dear hearts that usually have no interest in hip hop or idea of what it felt like to watch these dance crews from all over....perform with such a wide array of styles.

i mean, i couldn't show you a video of the dance fest as filming of the performance was prohibited....which makes sense...since they sell the dvds....yet, thank goodness for youtube which has videos of the various performers....but there was one video that stood out for me.....that i thought was fascinating when it comes to melding cultures.....

and well, not to mention that he looks pretty hawt. sigh.

UPDATE: here is a link to see more about the well as lots of pics:

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