Saturday, November 21, 2009

non-work moments

okay. after quite a few hours today of reading about emerging markets and such, i decided to pack all of that stuff up, reheat up some leftover roast duck and rice that i bought at a local thai noodle bar.....

(this is actually a pic from last night and i ate half of the meal and then took the rest home) i'm munching and doing some test shots of an idea i have for "project amazing balloon".

i decided to take a bit of creative license with the balloon concept.

so i'm testing out what an inky sketch would look like via color......

and black and white....

just to give me an idea of how it would look in a photo pic/image.

i'm probably going to try it in pastels, maybe a collage, as well as do something via the computer. right now, i'm just in my "testing and exploration phase".

i've started to run the idea by a few loved ones and have some ideas of how i would like to construct the pics for my contribution for the project. i must admit that i'm having a good time working on doesn't feel like work....that is for certain.

yikes, i better go get ready.....the best friend and i are heading out for drinks......until later dear hearts....

many hugs,


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