Tuesday, November 24, 2009

paneer for breakfast

last night, i made a very quick paneer "curry". i fried up some premade paneer (yes, i've made paneer from scratch before but was not so inclined last night) with some red onion, garlic confit oil, garlic confit, and cumin seeds then added a jar of the tikka masala simmer sauce from the seeds of change. after stirring that around for a bit, i then added a substantial amount of cayenne pepper and black pepper. yes, i know that tikka masala isn't suppose to be spicy....but hey, tikka masala is a sauce of disputed origins....was it created in india? was it created in britain? only the original person really knows....and no, i'm not going to pick a side....and i think i'm allowed a bit of creative freedom in my teeny tiny kitchen far far away from india or the uk.

MP first introduced me to these organic indian-inspired simmer sauces a while back....and i view these sauces the same way i view jarred italian-inspired tomato sauces..... they are nice short cuts to use as a base with some additional seasoning to one's taste or particular mood. last night, everything i added (i.e., garlic confit, red onion, etc.) was a bit impromptu and thrown together with what i currently have in my kitchen and pantry. also, like many tomato-based sauce dishes, i like it even better the next day when the flavors have had more time to develop. so, it was with some glee that i opened my fridge this morning after the flurry of emails (i'm actually waiting for my boss to call at this moment which is why i'm writing this posting now...) to nuke some leftover rice with the leftover paneer.

it was delish and quick.....and most importantly, i feel quite ready for my day.

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