Thursday, November 19, 2009

project amazing balloon: the beginning

one of my flickr friends, beckie, decided to have 1000 balloons made for project amazing balloon. in beckie's words, the idea of the project is to "Give them to the person/people who make your world go round. Show me the people you find amazing! What brings joy and awesomeness to your life?" when i first saw the announcement of her project on flickr, i remember thinking (despite my admitted cranky curmudgeonly personality), "what a lovely idea!". then i thought...."well, why shouldn't i do this? why shouldn't i tell and show those that i love that they amazing?"

i mean, i think they know....well....actually.....i know that they know that i feel this way....because, well, it is one of the most important things in the world to me....for those that i love to know without any doubt...that i love them.

this is not a long list of people.

i am also rather consistent in my behavior....

but this is different.

this would be a way for me to show the world why those that i love are amazing. truly amazing....because i see them. because i love them. because i know that they are amazing.

i'd like you too, dear readers, to see why i know they are amazing.

the balloons recently arrived from beckie with a lovely note.....yet there is a line from beckie's note that really stood out for is a quote from maya angelou...

"i learned that whenever i decide something with an open heart, i usually make the right decision"

so here i go, the
curmudgeonly foodie hunter, charging forth with an open heart....and i'm pretty certain that it is the right decision.


Victoria said...

Love the Maya Angelou quote. I might steal it. Just to let you know.

foodie hunter said...

feel free. :)

i also use it on my fb profile page now. it is a great quote.

Victoria said...

p.s. I also think this is a superb idea.