Friday, November 6, 2009

a ramen kind of day

i'm taking another break away from various spreadsheets. i have a feeling that i have another late evening ahead and wanted to take a moment or two for myself and reflect on things that have nothing to do with market analysis. it is good to step away occasionally.

it is rather dreary today. i look out one of my windows and see gray skies and the muted green leaves of the trees swaying against the wind and random gusts of light rain. the pets are cuddled among blankets and one of my rather expensive coats. you know that i love my pets when i don't get enraged at how one of them has discovered that i set down a very chic black coat with white piping and she has decided that it is a perfect bed for her.

go figure.

anyway, because of this dreary cold day, i decided to make some ramen for a late lunch. the broth/soup consisted of typical ingredients of what i had in my fridge and pantry such as soy, nuoc mam, some ca shiitake mushrooms, shallots, leftover braised greens (beet and kale from riverdog farms), garlic confit cloves (from roasting garlic earlier and leaving it in the oil), chili garlic paste, some slices from a habanero chile, and a brick of ramen noodles.

while that was boiling away, i went back into my fridge and took out one of the riverdog farm eggs. then i cracked in one of the eggs. sometimes, i'll swirl it around immediately to make a kind of "egg drop" sort of broth, but i this case, i wanted to sorta poach the that it was softly cooked.

this meant being very careful when i stirred the soup since i didn't want to break the yolk. once the soup was done, i carefully took out some noodles and spooned out the egg into a bowl.

then added broth on top....

it doesn't look like much right now....but wait until i split open the egg.....

hmmmmm. lovely and yummy. a bright spot amidst a dreary day.


Su-Lin said...

That last photo is brilliant! I can almost taste that egg yolk... *slurp*

foodie hunter said...

Thanks Su-Lin!