Thursday, November 5, 2009

tea and cake

hmmm. i sense an all nighter coming up. an urgent project fell from above and it is going to be quite interesting next 48 hours or so. when i received the email about 6:30am on my crackberry, admittedly, i just sorta sighed. then, i logged on, awaited the skype conversation to follow, and then got more details. yet, i realize that when these sort of projects happen, i really need to take periodic breaks away from them in order to ensure that my mind is still sharp and to ensure that i can "go the distance".

i am just very glad that keeping a stocked kitchen is such a priority for me. it is times like these that i am glad that i'm so anal about having a variety of food at my place....including new treats to try. my new thing for this week is the sconehenge almond cake.

i bought it at a local market and not sconehenge. when i bought it, i thought hey..."this looks interesting and perhaps it would be a good accompaniment with tea". i normally don't buy cakes...but this looked small enough that i could have throughout the week and maybe make something else with a small trifle with sherry or a modified sort of cakey-bread pudding kind of thing. so after working away for a while, i stepped into my kitchen to make a large mug of tea.....

and have a bit of cake.

the cake looks quite lovely outside of the package doesn't it?

so i sliced myself small piece and it looked rather lonesome....

so i decided to add a bit of creme fraiche that i have on hand from the cheeseboard. i love getting creme fraiche from the cheeseboard and admittedly, look for opportunities to add it.

what surprised me when i took a bite of the cake (without any creme fraiche on the fork) was that it wasn't super sweet. this surprised me since sugar is the first ingredient listed. it went nicely with the tea and i think most folks would prefer the cake sans creme fraiche. if i had guests, i doubt that i would serve this on its own. i would probably plate it with some warm caramel sauce, a few berries/slices of a pear...and then sift a bit of powdered sugar on top. yet, for a quick tea break for the foodie hunter, it fit the bill nicely.

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