Thursday, December 31, 2009

blue moon

i'm sick.

so much for best laid plans.

i've pretty much slept all day today as well. my awake state is not for extended periods as i feel myself just become incredibly tired. i think my body is definitely forcing me to take a breather. i will be very surprised if i make it to midnight during this current stint of "awakeness" as i type this posting.

i did manage to leave my place briefly this afternoon as i needed to grab some medicine as well as some soup from a non-usual noodle place.

i think i've had enough of " i recognize moments you" for a while. i also think that being sick has kind of messed with my taste buds......nothing seems to taste right at the moment.

yet, alas, i did want to mark the date....i mean, it is new year's eve and interestingly enough, there is a blue moon tonight.

blue moons rarely occur on new year's eve.

ha! i couldn't resist. i mean, what were you expecting? something all deep and shit? hey, i'm sick and i am totally entitled to put forth a bit of cheese on my blog.

despite being sick, in a somewhat mental daze, and not participating in my original new year's eve plans, i am actually quite happy....curled up in my bed, under my flannel sheets....and feeling quite snug.

it is good to be home. i like being home. i like my own bed.

well i think it is time for me to go back to my sleep state.

here is to another year dear hearts......i wouldn't be surprised if this is yet another year that keeps us on our toes.

sending you many hugs and all of my love.......


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