Friday, December 4, 2009


yup. i'm tired. there is a light at the end of the tunnel and that is a get together at a place tomorrow night at the castro that i've been wanting to try. while i am looking forward to tasting the food at this place, i'm actually looking forward to just hanging out with friends more. i have a feeling that it will be an excellent way to end the week.

alas....not only have i been not eating as "good" as i should be the last day or two....but i also was willing lured to a place due to its packaging. it all started when i saw beckie's posting on flickr a while ago about how yogurtland was running a tokidoki promotion.

i have a rather large soft spot for tokidoki.

it wouldn't be that difficult to find a cactus pup hanging out on a random bookshelf or other nooks and crannies at my place. it also wouldn't be amiss to find a t-shirt or two in the wardrobe.
then during a recent break, i discovered that there is actually a yogurtland in downtown berekely. so in my work weary weakened state, i totally succumbed to the packaging and lure of tokiodoki and went inside yogurtland.

i had never been before and it took me a few seconds to work out the system. it is a self serve system where you pull your own amounts of yogurt (they have a lot of flavors) and then pile on the toppings. i decided to pull myself some taro frozen yogurt and pineapple frozen yogurt....

then took a look at the toppings....which were pretty extensive....and decided up on strawberries, lychee, red beans, and mochi...

the lychee and red beans being options were a nice unexpected surprise. my immediate thought was "well, berkeley is the 'hood for it." there is quite a substantial asian and asian american population in berkeley.

i must admit that i did feel vaguely guilty for visiting i was looking around, i thought "this has got to be a massive chain"....and i haven't been to yogurt harmony in a couple of months. i just haven't been in the mood for frozen yogurt. yet, when it comes to the yogurt....i prefer yogurt harmony and don't feel the need for toppings on that yogurt. i like it just how it is....and i like their taro and pineapple yogurt significantly better than yogurtland. yet, i do like the self-serve aspect (esp for the toppings) at yogurtland...and well, the tokiodoki stuff that they have going on right now. sigh.

kay, i think it is time for me to go crash now. enough silliness for now.

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