Friday, December 25, 2009

duck fat pecan pie from humphry slocombe

it is christmas morning.

i am singin' along to music....making spicy candied roasted pecans which will later be enrobed in dark chocolate and sprinkled with maldon sea salt.....and chilled into a candy bark for the party later. yet, as i am doing all of this...i...of treating myself with nibbling on this delicious duck fat pecan pie that i bought from humphry slocombe yesterday....

this is a lovely confection. i would describe it more of a cake than a is actually a bit of a hybrid between both a cake and a pie. it has the sweetness of a pecan pie (but not as sweet) with a cake texture...but a pie crust at the bottom.

you can actually taste the duck fat...and it isn't a bad thing. it adds a savory element that isn't is as if it was always meant to be there.

it is brilliant. just brilliant.

it is a lovely way to enjoy my christmas morning. sigh.

humphry slocombe, 2790 harrison street (at 24th), san francisco, ca 94110, + 1 415 550 6971, hours: seven days a week, 12pm to 9pm, cash only


Jun Belen said...

I would have to try this out. Looks really tasty!!! happy Holidays!

foodie hunter said...

hi jun belen! it was very tasty. happy holidays to you as well! i love your pics of the bibingka on your blog btw. looks very yummy.

Victoria said...

...And bibingka makes another appearance!

Duck fat pecan pie sounds divine. And I don't even like pecan pie that much. But I love duck fat.

Merry Christmas!