Saturday, December 5, 2009

give me a reason

i hung out with a loved one today and as usual, they asked a couple of pointed questions and provided me with some things to process. after we hung out, i ran around investigating potential outfits for the upcoming holiday parties....and as i sit here, now, hours later.... eating these delicious squares of salted buttery toffee enrobed in dark chocolate by poco dolce (see above pic)...i'm still processing about life, love, attraction, and how there really doesn't seem to be any rules...... or logical rules anyway.

i'm having a difficult time putting into words exactly everything i am processing right now...but perhaps this video will provide you with a bit of insight.

i'll probably still be munching on these chocolates a couple of days from now in quiet random silent moments, thinking and processing about the illogical aspects of attraction....but at least i know that i'm not alone.

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