Sunday, December 13, 2009

hello philly

i am on my way to the uk.

despite my trying to not think about actually having to go to the uk for this business trip, it is happening.

on the positive side, i was pretty fortunate as for some really odd reason there wasn't anyone sitting next to me on the flight from sfo to philly, so i ended up laying out on the empty seats.

yup, that is my foot....and i am spending a layover in philly.

all i can say is thank the gawds for "status" on airlines. i'm spending my layover in one of the international lounges which makes all of the freakin difference.

free wireless.....and things to nibble on....

also free....which is nice. i also find that free alcohol is pretty much the norm in the international lounges....

yet, i suppose that given the crowd at these sort of places, people don't drink to get drunk at the lounges. again, thank the gawds. i view the lounges as a haven.....away from the major hustle and bustle.

while it is quite a bit more crowded now then when i first arrived, it is still exponentially more civilized in here.

no dodging people. no loud voices. no beeps and intercom messages. it makes the longer layovers quite a bit easier to bear. i've staked out a small area while doing stuff on my computer and i feel almost calm.

it is almost hard to believe how much traveling i have been doing the last couple years. the more i travel the more i find comfort in these sort of things.

well, i'd better pack up and make my way to the gate as my flight will be boarding soon.

sending all my love to you dear hearts....



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