Wednesday, December 23, 2009

@ home

i made it home around 10ish last night. i felt such an incredible amount of relief just to be home.

it was lovely to be in my own bed and wake up to weather that was well above freezing. it was lovely to do some work on one of my projects while sipping on blue bottle coffee and noshing on waffle at guerilla cafe....

yes, i am drinking coffee.

i find this is inevitable while i am in the uk as i need to be "on" despite the jet lag....and as i had a large project that needed to be shipped out today, i decided today was not going to be the day that i would go back "off" of coffee.

i really do love coffee.

i really love being home.

i love both of these things so much that it offsets things like getting another project today that must be completed by, like, monday.

happy holidays.

i just cackled when i saw the request come in.

of course....of must be completed by then.

good thing that i actually like and respect this person....and i know that he works even harder than i do ....and i understand why it must be completed by then and why he has asked me to do it. on the positive probably means that i don't have to stop drinking coffee for a few more yum .....particularly when it is blue bottle coffee.

it is good to be home.


Su-Lin said...

So glad you made it home safely! But yikes, another project. Hope you get a good break come Monday though! Merry Christmas!

foodie hunter said...

thanks su-lin! hope you have a merry christmas as well!