Thursday, December 24, 2009

i wanna lick it @ humphry slocombe

those of you that have been reading my blog for a while already know that i am a huge fan of humprhy slocombe and even have a mini shrine to their wonderful and amazing ice cream on my flickr page.

if you follow humphry slocombe on twitter or are a fan of their facebook page, you know that they will announce which days you can get free topping such as hot fudge, butter scotch, i was able to taste today...the bourbon caramel sauce....

yum.......but you have to say the key phrase which is "i wanna lick it"...which is pretty cheeky and aligned with the delicious wickedness of their treats. i have to admit that i felt a bit shy about saying it i kind of said it softy to the lady behind the counter this afternoon. i mean, it is rather naughty isn't it? anyway, i went for my favorite flavors today which are the balsamic caramel and the secret breakfast (bourbon and corn flakes) which went rather amazingly well with the bourbon caramel sauce.

it was heavenly. just heavenly.

this is one of my favorite places and to a part of being "home". naturally, i also bought a couple of other treats for me which included the boccalone lard caramels and a duck fat pecan pie.

i haven't dipped into those yet....but will let you know what i think later. i've tried buying the caramels at boccalone before and they were unfortunately sold i was thrilled to see that they had some left today as well as one of the pecan pies. i have a feeling that i will love them. humphry slocombe is one of the few places that i am willing to try whatever they decide to make.....i love their treats that much and have never been disappointed after more than a dozen visits.

humphry slocombe, 2790 harrison street (at 24th), san francisco, ca 94110, + 1 415 550 6971, hours: seven days a week, 12pm to 9pm, cash only

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