Tuesday, December 22, 2009

last day in philly?

"is this my last day in philly?"

hmmm. that is the key question isn't it?

i am at the airport once more. i loaded up on some goat curry (see top pic) at a place downtown and of course, paid another visit to the naked chocolate cafe as well.

so my stomach is ready for the flight...but alas....are the airline gods going to allow this flight to arrive safely in sf tonight?

this time, the airport looks normal busy and not freakin-chaos-because-of-the-storm-or-airport-shut-down-crazy.

so maybe....just maybe.... i'll actually get to be safe at home later tonight.

i really hope so.

i've just posted the set of what may have been my last day in philly.....


hope to see you all soon on the west coast...

much love,


1 comment:

Su-Lin said...

Fingers crossed that your next post is from SF!