Wednesday, December 9, 2009

lychee black tea

sometime after a difficult meeting yesterday, i decided to pay a visit to a local tea house. i was hoping that i would find a semi quiet spot since i went during off hours....but alas.... i was foiled....and after a few minutes of blissful quiet a rather loud couple decided to sit next to me. i doubt that it would have mattered no matter where they sat....they had the type of voices that would carry across the room. i tried to concentrate on my pieces of dim sum.....

and my absolutely lovely lychee black tea.

i had never ordered lychee black tea before. yet, i decided that lychee black tea would be my "new to me" thing this week. i remember when the tea arrived....

the aroma instantly hit smelled of warm ripe lychee....and i found that rather comforting.

it was lovely just lovely.

the tea has a fruity and slight sweetness to it. i liked the tea so much that i decided to buy a few ounces to take home with me and that is what i am drinking right a decidedly more peaceful morning surroundings.

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