Wednesday, December 30, 2009

"no comic book today?"

oh life.

if life was a goddess i would murmur to her beneath my breath "you have a funny sense of humor" and quickly look up, down, and to the sides......anticipating any potential goddesses....from what i have read....don't really have much tolerance for insolence.

yet, life is really funny sometimes.

a couple of things happened to me today that made me remember that life sometimes has its own plan for me despite me being off in my own little world.

today was going to be my grand day off and was filled with ambitious plans. i was going to have breakfast at OTD on bush, lounge at bittersweet, take in an exhibit, book my upcoming flight to london, another flight to nyc, see about making reservations at saison, pay off a bunch of bills, and do some various paperwork.

it was going to be a productive day.

what did i do today?

i slept.


i woke up. i would get something to eat and/or drink. then i went back to bed.

sometimes our bodies have other plans for us...and mine was telling me that i had been burning up so much energy that it was time to "REST. NOW. FUCK YOUR PLANS."

so much for my productive day off.

my teetering between a zombie awake state and a zombie sleep state continued until after 5pm. then i grabbed a shower and decided that i really should leave the house for a bit and took a walk to comic relief. after all, it is wednesday....and new stuff gets put out on the shelves on wednesday.

ember was being her usual self......

and so was ash......

and both were feeling pretty sociable. while i enjoy comic relief's extensive comic book selection, i must admit that i also visit comic relief for the opportunity to pet ash and ember. yes, i am a dork like that.

then as i was walking home, i decided to pop into oscar's for a decidedly yummy un-PC burger. this is not a place where you know which farm the grass-fed sustainable raised cow came from.

after i ordered, paid, and picked up my cheeseburger and fries.....

then settled into a table...picking at my fries....while reading my book. one of the hipster guys (there seems to be a clique of old-timers and a clique of young hipster guys complete with the requisite dark skinny jeans, tats, slouchy knit caps, etc.) decides that he is going to refill my pretty full salt shaker at my table.

ummm. ok.

even though the majority of the other tables in the place are empty and wouldn't it make sense to start with those tables?

ummm. ok.

i'm still reading at this point and picking at my fries as he takes the shaker and puts it back on my table. then he decides that he is going to play around and act like he is going to take my food by moving around my tray. with my eyes still on the pages of my book and i just shake my head and smile.

i suppose that wasn't enough of a he decides to prod a bit further with "what? no comic book today?"

now he got my attention. i looked at him straight on and said "actually, i have one in my bag. i'm pretty predictable."

"aww, naw. i just know my customers pretty well." he replied as he glided away and i went back to eating and reading my book.

as i was walking home, i just shook my head and thought "life is funny."

why is life funny? not only did my plans for a productive day off go right out the window....i haven't been to oscar's in over 5 months. at least. because i've been making more of an effort to only eat burgers where i know which farm the sustainable raised cow came from. sigh.

before then, i maybe went about once every couple of months. bottom line: i don't go that often.

yet, this guy knew who i was.

so much for thinking that i am anonymous.

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