Wednesday, December 9, 2009


there is much to do between now and sunday. i am really not looking forward to getting on a plane on sunday. i'm really not looking forward to going to the uk.

i know that there are quite a few, perhaps even thousands, of people that would love to get on a plane for the uk. at this moment in time, i am not one of those people. perhaps it would be different if the trip was a holiday trip.......but it is not.

i can feel myself try to mentally prepare for the onslaught of various things.

while i was running my errands such as popping a bday card in the mail....

and then grabbing a crispy taco at cancun for a late lunch....

i was thinking about the past couple of years today and shaking my head about the pace my life and in particular, the pace of change in my life....and how i suspect...that neither one is going to slow down.

was it really only just a year ago that i was in hong kong? in merida?

so much has happened just within the past year....this past year has felt five years.......and you know what? so did the year before that......and i ask myself "will this pace of change continue? if this good? is this bad?"

it is a bit of both i suppose.

yet, it is the life i have chosen.

for now.

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Victoria said...


Who has a birthday in December?