Tuesday, December 15, 2009

pot au chocolat at 3:30am

location: manchester, england
time: 3:47am

well. jet lag has definitely hit.

when i returned to the hotel this evening after a work evening out, i practically collapsed on the bed after sending off a couple of emails to loved ones....then promptly woke up about four hours later.


just have to "roll with it" i suppose. in order to make the best of the situation, i decided to open up the "pot au chocolat" i bought at marks and spencer this evening.

my goodness....the fact that the brits know how to use cream is one thing to really love about them. the pot au chocolat from M&S is made with welsh double cream and belgian dark chocolate....

and oh my ......is it thick goodness. i know if i stuck a fork in this, it would stand straight up. no problems. my oh my. this is quite yummy.

interestingly enough, it also comes in a glass container. if i was at home, i'd probably turn it into something like a candle holder, a container for change, or may even reuse it for ice cream or yogurt. little things like this that remind me that i am definitely not in the states at the moment. yet, it is nice to know that my tasting this lovely chocolatey creamy thing isn't over.

i still have one more pot left.

well, since i am up...i should go ahead and get an early start on some work stuff for the day.

until later dear hearts....



p.s. happy birthday JS. i hope it is a good one.


Kinnaree said...

Oh dear, now I want one in the worst way HA! Great given the holidays are coming up and it isn't like there is going to be tremendous amounts of food laying around.

foodie hunter said...

i wish this sort of thing was easy to find.....the closest i have found are these chocolate pudding-like things sold from andronico's....they have these in-house versions of pot au chocolate....they are found in the bakery section...i think they are called "bittersweet chocolate".