Thursday, December 10, 2009

a random roasted pear, caramel, and pomegranate crepe

sometimes inspiration for a dish comes from the oddest places.

in this case, i purchased some handmade caramels that i really didn't like. at all. i was very disappointed. yet, i remember while i was eating them i thought "i bet i could doctor these as a caramel sauce" and just set them aside. then today as i was taking stock of the produce i must eat between now and saturday evening, i realized that i still had these lovely red bartlett pears that were still quite hard.

i decided to roast them....and then thought...hey, what about those caramels? i could do a roasted pear with caramel sauce thing....maybe i'll add a dash of sherry to the caramel sauce.

so i quickly prepped the pears....

which was really just cutting them up and squirting some agave on them. as i put them in the pie plate, i realized that i'm never quite consistent about how i put fruits and veg in the pie plate for roasting. sometimes they are face up...sometimes they are face down.....and if i was in a restaurant, i assume that i'd have to be consistent in order to ensure even cooking...but then i thought to myself how that is one of the benefits of cooking for oneself. at home.

so while they were in the oven, i went back to work, and came back into the kitchen when i started to really smell the pears roasting and took them out.

quite pretty aren't they?

there was some agave and juices left in the pie plate and instead of wasting that.....i decided to just make the sauce in the pie plate. yup. i'm all about "ease" when i make stuff in the middle of the day as my break. so i threw in the caramels and added a splash of sherry (which i already had on hand and open) and then put the plate back in the warm oven.

then while that was warming up, i grabbed a pomegranate and thought...hey...this would be a pretty addition to the pears....and how about if i put the pears in a crepe (i already had a package of premade crepes on hand)?

you see...this is how random it can be in my kitchen....

so while the sauce was being warmed up in the oven, i prepped the pomegranate.....

and i just love looking at the colors....i think they are more lovely than "jewels" actually. i suppose everyone has their weaknesses, and i must admit that i'm drawn more the color and sheen of pomegranate seeds than to rubies.

food is obviously my weakness and obsession. i have a hard time relating to those who view food and eating as a chore. food, for me, is sustenance for the senses, the mind, and the heart. i doubt that i will ever take another lover who is not into food.

lesson learned on that one.

i know that a few of you dear hearts, are a bit curious to see who the next one will be....and you know what? i'm not curious yet. but when i am, i'm certain you will know. as LKB pointed out to me quite recently, i must be the biggest prude she knows. there has only been one person that has tickled my curiosity and as usual, my guardian angel is in effect.... as he is, like, six thousand miles away in an island city by the river and near the sea. it is rather safe to have a massive land mass between me and my crush. honestly, it is probably because of said land mass that i have this little crush....because if we lived in the same city, it might be kind of awkward ....and i sure as heck wouldn't be blogging about it.

anyway, back to once the caramel sauce was ready, i stirred it

and i set about throwing everything together as quickly as possible...

it was absolutely delicious!

as i was eating this random dish.....i did think about how it wouldn't have come about if i hadn't bought those caramels. the seeds of inspiration come from the oddest places.....including disappointment.'s that for a bit of food for thought?


Kinnaree said...

I think I am going to have to try and emulate this recipe, as it looks absolutely gorgeous outside of looking insanely tasty.

foodie hunter said...

thanks! i hope you like it....