Tuesday, December 1, 2009

sardines inspired by bruno

today, i had to make myself a super duper quick lunch. i have "drop from the above" project that must be completed by midnight on wednesday, and i am not going to cancel my planned outing this evening. not only did i buy my ticket before this drop from the above project appeared, the outing is an event being put on by inforum and is called "the state of pastry in sf"...where exec pastry chefs from absinthe, citizen cake, quince and michael mina will be speaking and providing tastes....would you want to miss this? especially when you already bought your ticket?

yeah, i thought so.

yet as a result, i'm kinda frantic.

but alas! a bright spot in any given day. lunch! bruno, one of my flickr friends, commented on my last posting about sardines with a recommendation of his own. he indicated that "by the way, my sardine lazy/comfort food is plain rice, chick peas, sardines out of a can, sesame seeds, chili powder and olive oil...cold". so today's lunch was inspired by bruno....with a couple of modifications....because, i used what i already had in my pantry. i started with a can of sardines (in water), with this japanese toasted black sesame and salt mix (that i like to put this in noodles and for some odd reason, i discovered that i didn't have regular sesame seeds in my pantry so had to go with this), a can of chick peas, cayenne pepper (i have a lot on hand....yes, that is a mason jar...yes, i actually go through a jar that big pretty quickly), and mcevoy extra virgin olive oil

then proceeded with the rapid assembly....with an added dash of kosher salt....

i tried a chick pea that had some cayenne, olive oil, and black sesame seeds.....and thought..."hey! this is really good.....i'd make this on its own." just a fyi for the loved ones that are vegetarian and read my blog anyway because they love me. next, i forked some of the sardines and chick peas and chomped down. it was pretty yummy. these are flavors that i'm not used tasting together....but that didn't make it any less tasty. the savory flavors really pair well together....and the chick peas add an unexpected richness to it. i would have never guessed about the sesame, extra virgin olive oil, and cayenne....just by itself...make a nice fruity kick....i think i'll have to try it with other things as well. i also ended up eating this with a slice of acme upstairs bread since i didn't have my usual pot of grains in my fridge and am pressed for time. yet i can definitely see myself making this again and eating it with rice.

so there you have it....my lunch took like, 5 minutes, tops.....and was completely inspired by bruno.

thanks bruno!


Bruno said...

I'm surprised and delighted. I'm not even mad that yours looks so much better.

foodie hunter said...


i really like the pic that you recently posted of the cod dish btw. that looks very lovely.