Monday, December 14, 2009

steak bake pie in manchester

location: manchester, england
time: 11:49pm

i'm a wee bit jet lagged.

i arrived to my hotel about 10am uk time, checked in, and then dashed back out to grab some take away food. in this case, a likely equivalent to local "junk" food. i grabbed a "chicken bake" pie and a "steak bake" pie from a local chain that is one of limited "take away" options within walking distance. the cost of each pie was 1 pound.

i'm not certain why this concept isn't seen more in the US. there is something about a hand held meat pie that is very comforting. while there is a vietnamese-french-influenced meat pie that i adored while growing up...these sort of meat pies are one of the foods that i associate quite strongly with the uk. i also made a stopover at boot's to grab a couple of things including a sweet corn tuna sandwich and some sparkling water. with the local fast food in hand, i quickly dashed back to my hotel though the very chilly weather. it is about 30 degrees or less here at the moment.

it is funny how certain things remind me that i am in the when vendors call me "luv" and when i see these explicit instructions on the street....

as i am crossing the street. i suppose england is used to having international visitors that are used to looking the opposite ways while crossing the street....and well....probably dying.

once i returned to the hotel, i paused for a moment to take pics of the steak bake pie....

as i was eating it. then quickly ate the chicken bake pie (which looks remarkably similar on the outside....but i think i actually prefer that one). it hit the spot. i washed up and then hit the sack....i couldn't stay awake any body was just too worn out from the day and lack of sleep.

so hence, here i am now....close to midnight....eating my tuna and sweet corn sandwich (pic taken earlier...and i'm saving the spirals for snacking on at work)...

and still tired i don't think i'll have too much probably getting back to bed for a few more hours before grabbing some protein heavy breakfast and then meeting up with the boss at 7am.

i am already looking forward to saturday morning as that is when i'll make my way home.

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