Thursday, December 3, 2009

winding down

so i made my midnight deadline for this project and i am winding down for the evening. oddly enough, it will all start up again in a few hours as there is another project waiting. there are definitely not a lack of projects to be worked on.

i don't think i'm quite up for writing about the state of pastry in sf event. so i'll write about my linner (lunch + dinner) break instead. i started off my linner break today by tearing open my threadless tee delivery that arrived today.....

one must have things to look forward to and i was definitely looking forward to my new tees. i really like threadless tees quite a bit. (yes i bought them. you can pretty much assume that everything in this blog i've purchased myself....including tickets to events....unless i say the heart sister giving me fruit from her back yard).

after i took a moment to do the "ooohhhh" and "ahhhh" over my new tees,

i then decided that i didn't feel like cooking anything as i really wanted to get out of my place for a bit....since i knew i'd be doing a i was having a craving for junk food due to VG posting this pic of some ball park food the last time he was in chicago. chicago hot dogs are like, one of my favorite things, and i have yet to find a place that does it EXACTLY how they do it in chicago. yes, i know....even in chicago there are a few variations re: the relish and the peppers, etc...but i think you know what i mean. from the places i've tried in the bay area, it just isn't even in the same ball park (pun intended). it made me quite nostalgic. but alas, i don't know of a place in the bay area that does a real chicago dog, so instead, i went to a local place to grab a persian burger (ground nieman ranch lamb patty with spices like sumac) and onion rings.

i really do like this burger. this is such a bay area burger.

it is rather massive though.(see top pic).

yet, it definitely fulfilled my craving for junk food.

sometimes, i'll have a day when junk food suits me just fine....and today was definitely one of those kind of days.

well, i think it is time to hit the sheets.

until later.....

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