Monday, December 7, 2009

zee dress

it is freakin cold. yeah, i know it is colder in other non-sf bay area places...such as new york, chicago, etc etc... but i don't live there and as i am a ca-grown gal, i'm a totally weakling when it comes to cold. so for me, it is freakin cold at the moment. i pretty much decided that i wanted to grab some soup for dinner this evening. when i went down to check the mail, it was cold enough for me to go "do i really want to leave my place today?". well, i didn't really want to leave but i thought it would be a good idea. or else, it will be like, 11pm and i'll be feeling stir crazy in my place. so alas, i made a quick jaunt over to my local noodle bar and ordered the roast duck noodle soup.

as usual, it arrived very quickly. as i dove into the fatty comforting soup,

my thoughts drifted to the party that the best friend is throwing this weekend. originally, i thought about wearing the red dress that i wore to my bday earlier this year. yet alas, after trying it on a couple of times as the party day grew nearer, i was having a difficult time imagining myself wearing it.

do you think it is possible that clothes carry memories? or perhaps, a more accurate statement is that i carry certain memories with certain clothing....and sometimes i don't realize what those memories are until i put the clothing on. so instead of wearing the red dress, i'm wearing a variation of a LBD....

which for some odd reason....looks a lot more wicked on the hanger than when i wear it. everything is suitably covered and on my short isn't a mini hits my knees. sometimes it is good to be short.

yet it looks rather wicked in the picture doesn't it?


Chelsea said...

Damn, another missed opportunity to see you in the red dress;)

foodie hunter said...