Tuesday, January 5, 2010

anise, who knew?

i am rather tired of being sick. i am particularly tired of things tasting not as they should taste.

yet, my being weary of these things does not mean that "poof" things are going to change just because i want them to. i'm just going to have to wait it out and hope that all gets better in time for my work trip to london next week.

you can't see me dear hearts, but as i am typing these words..... well past midnight....i am shaking my head. i really need to be well next week. yes, i need to be well in general, but i really need to be well next week. i need to have my game face on. it makes me tired just thinking about it.

i am also shaking my head when i recalled how i kinda sorta forgot that i was suppose to be in london next week. i mean, i knew...theoretically..... that i would have to be in london in late january, but then when i checked on the actual dates on i had a total "oh shit" moment when i realized that i leave for london on the 12th. no matter which way you try to spin it.... the 12th really isn't late january. this is a very uncharacteristic foodie hunter move.what is more akin to a foodie hunter move is "having the coffee premeasured out two weeks in advance if you worked at mcdonald's" ......which is a quote from the best friend. this was her observation regarding my organizational bent while we were at university.

well, the good news is that flights to the uk were relatively inexpensive (like half the price of my ticket to the uk a couple of weeks ago). i mean, who in their right minds would really want to fly right now unless they absolutely had to? if didn't absolutely positively have to fly for work, i wouldn't be anywhere NEAR an airport right now. over the past few years, flying has become an increasingly more unpleasant experience. yet, if i am still sick next week, then i'll definitely be taking these olive oil crisped bread things with me on the plane.

as i was tired of things tasting not as they should taste, i decided to try some things that i haven't had before....and focus on the things that i could taste. for example, i can taste fat. there is something about fat that rolls on the tongue and provides a heartiness to things. i can also taste texture. i can also taste sweet and salty. so i embarked on finding things that would poke at my palate and came across these flat breads from spain at a local market.

i'm gonna warn you right now that these flat breads are not for everybody. they have a strong anise flavor to them....which works out quite nicely in my current condition. the olive oil adds a nice full bodiness (hmmm, is that a word?) to the crispy texture. the anise version are not subtly flavored....

the strong anise coupled with the crisp texture, was, interestingly enough, what i needed. i doubt i would have tried this if it hadn't been for my being sick. i'm not usually a fan of anise being a primary and lingering flavor note. yet, these are suiting me quite nicely at the moment.

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