Wednesday, January 6, 2010

bring the heat

once the effect of this cold-flu-whatever thing i have began to feel significantly worse instead of better, i knew it was time to bring in the "big guns". i should have done this sooner actually. i'm not certain why i didn't. perhaps it was the lack of oxygen to the brain that is significantly impairing my usually sharp sense of logic. for some reason, saturating my body with chilies seems to work the best for me when a cold-flu-whatever thing gets pretty bad. it usually gives me a couple of hours of respite and seems to work better than some over the counter "cold-and-flu" medicines. what has worked out the best for me thus far during this bout of sickness, has been a combo of heavy chili-infused dishes, ibuprofen, and lots of liquid (mostly chilled lychee black, make a large cup of super strong lychee black tea....let it cool to room temperature....add concentrated tea to a large container...add a bunch of filtered water...then's that for a recipe? that is pretty much as close to a recipe that you are going to find on this blog).

two chili-infused dishes that i am particularly enjoying at the moment are yogurt with chile jam. in particular, i'm enjoying the "c.chinese" flavor from tierra vegetables. the "c.chinese" flavor is made with "a blend of habanero type chilies" according to their web site.

i originally tried it ages ago at their booth at the saturday farmers market at the sf ferry building and bought it on the spot. spicy, sweet, yet a touch savory. tierra vegetables is one of the booths that i try to stop by if i am at the saturday market. btw, if you are curious the yogurt in this shot is saint benoit.

another dish is something that i make pretty regularly actually....a simple flat rice noodle soup with spinach (because it is what i had in the fridge...i add whatever veg i have in the fridge) but i just upped the concentration of chili garlic paste, ground cayenne, and whole red dried chili than i normally about 30% more than i usually would.

basically, i'm looking to burn the sickness from me.

no, i haven't read that this works in an article or any science behind it. it is just something i've done since i was at university. now that i think about it, i actually didn't get sick very often while i was at university. also, when i am paying a bit closer attention to my body, i will actually eat this a couple of times (sometimes loaded with whole cloves of garlic as well) when i feel like a sickness is coming on and it has actually helped stave sickness off. yet, this time, i think my mind was wrapped up in other things and i haven't been paying as close attention as i should have been.

well, i think it is time for bed. sleep is something i have also been getting a lot more of the last few days. perhaps this is something that i should be incorporating into my schedule on a regular basis. sigh.

night all.

p.s. yes, i am quite aware that i used many spellings and variations of the word chili/chile.

p.p.s. as misswangy (one of my flickr friends and boy does this gal know how to eat) asked about the spicy factor...i used about a tablespoon of cayenne, a tablespoon of this chili garlic paste/sambal (rooster brand), and a few whole red chilies for this soup for 1 person.

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