Saturday, January 2, 2010

eat. drink. man. woman.

i am still sick and nothin' tastes as it should.

this is rather tragic.

so what am i doing? i am torturing myself with looking at all of the things that i wish i could eat and taste.....and taste them as they are meant to be tasted.....and not some odd approximation that is a result of my sickness-infected taste buds and palate.

can you tell that i am a bit bitter?

yet, alas, i thought i'd share with you a clip from one of my favorite movies.... eat. drink. man. woman.

i love this movie. ang lee was the director on this film and it was this movie that made me an instant fan. i figure if i can't taste the food i want to taste....i may as well drool over a video of it....and ang lee knows how to film food....oh yes he does.

oh...btw...can i just say how much i adore the knife collection? OMG. perfection. just perfection. i'm not one to ogle diamonds but i am definitely one to ogle knives. i covet the knives. maybe someday my collection will look just like that.....and be presented just like i could look at them each and everyday.

oh is your sneak peek into the dreams of the foodie hunter.

anyway....hope you enjoyed the clip!

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