Friday, January 8, 2010

foodie hunter's selective hearing at octoberfeast bakery

so i made a quick jaunt to the octoberfeast bakery for my lunch today. it is a small place on university off of milvia. when you walk in, you don't feel like it is a berkeley shop...and i think this is a very good thing. there are old black and white photos on the right hand side. the colors are all in dark tones and woods....and toward the back of the shop is where you will find the baked goods on shelves. the counter also has pretzels peaking out of it through windows.

i was just taking it all in as the lady behind the counter was helping another customer. i already knew that i was going to buy the pretzel croissants...which are twenty five cents cheaper at the bakery than at the thursday berkeley farmers market btw. this is just a fyi. it is two bucks at the farmers market. i think two bucks for a pretzel croissant is an excellent price for a croissant of this kind of quality. i'm just sayin.

anyway, i decided to take a look at what else they had and i was mostly eye-balling the sweets. i wasn't eye-balling the breads because i already had a loaf of my fave bread (acme upstairs bread) at home.

the reason why the glass case was off these beauties was because the customer a head of me was ordering a couple of the chocolate croissants and the lady was packing them up.

yet i was drawn to the other sweets on a separate plate. once the lady was done helping the other customers, i asked her what they were.

i swear, i think she said "reaper buns" but don't quote me. i am still a bit addled from my cold-flu thing. while my taste buds have returned not all of my brain cells. but what she said immediately afterwards, i remember quite well...she said that they were like a croissant except sweeter.


yes, the foodie hunter obviously has selective hearing at times.

i decided to eat this pastry at the bakery and bought a few of the pretzel croissants to go.

this was very delicious and had a caramelized sugar bottom. similar to the bottom of a "sticky bun".

the layers were pretty moist and more dense in a typical croissant which was a yummy thing.

i think i will be paying the bakery a few more visits in the future.

sigh. yum yum.

octoberfeast bakery, 1954 university avenue (between Bonita Ave & Milvia St), berkeley, CA 94704, +1 510 207 2320

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