Saturday, January 16, 2010


sometimes i am rendered almost speechless. i suppose this has to do with my expectations at times.

having been born and raised in california, i thought i had pretty solid and reasonable expectations for what a coffee and juice bar would look like.

ummm....and then i walked into joe and the juice in london and found myself in an almost state of shock.

first off, for anyone who has grown up in california, there is no such thing as a hipster coffee and juice bar. there are hip almost cult-like coffee bars (which i do enjoy) and decidedly crunchy/hippie juice bars....there are mellow perhaps somewhat hip cafes that serve both....but you will be very hard pressed to find a hipster coffee and juice bar in california.

oh, by the way, when they mean "juice", it is more like a smoothie. i'm translating for the folks at home. so for all of the americans reading this posting, joe and the juice is really a coffee and smoothie bar. check it out....


i had a moment of "where am i again?"

am i in a club? a coffee house? am i in london? and hey, btw ....isn't a "cup of joe" an american thing? not to mention...isn't it suppose to invoke the whole blue-collar-working-man image thing? which i suppose fits into the whole mission hipster thing (middle-to-upper-class ex-surburban kids appropriating a working man man style) at home. yet, for some reason, i don't think this interpretation of the working man persona concept would go over too well in the states.

i could be totally wrong.

but i doubt it.

hmmm. i think this place is an example of many worlds colliding due to globalization as well as an outside interpretation of "americaness". it was surreal.

ummm, i waited until the place had died down a bit before i took the video. i also waited until the guys weren't dancing and singing along to the music. they are really friendly btw. also, while i was standing in line, there were a bunch of folks that looked like they spent a minimum of 3 hours to get ready. admittedly, i had no intention of going in here. yet, the places nearby didn't have any seats and i was getting really tired of carrying my laptop around. my original plan consisted of having a nice hot chocolate milano at nero while doing some work on my laptop. i was actually looking forward to this. yet, it became a distant dream once i saw how packed every place was around regent street. bye bye little dream of a hot chocolate and working on my laptop. i am so old. then again, i think i was born old.

there was 1 seat open by the window at joe and the juice, so i thought, "why not? i'll grab a sandwich and see how it goes". i ordered the "avocado" sandwich which included mozzarella, tomatoes, and pesto as well as the "pick me up" juice.

the sandwich was actually pretty good. they use this warm soft yet crispy thin flat bread for the sandwich. i think the sandwich really worked. i wouldn't mind seeing this in the states. yet, i left joe and the juice pretty quickly as i've already had quite a bit of stimulus overload the last few days and am now seeking more quiet venues. on the way back to my hotel, i stopped into paul patisserie for some treats to bring back to my room.

i decided that i'm going to need some treats tonight as i work on some stuff. i received the great news this afternoon while i was in various meetings that i'll be flying to vegas for a presentation next week. but i'm not going to dwell to much on that right now. if i did, i might decide to throw my laptop outside of my window.

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martha said...

lovely place, i'll be sure to check it out next time I go there :D