Thursday, January 21, 2010

hot soup on a stormy day

i am back at home. thankfully, my flight home wasn't re-routed because of the storms hitting the bay area right now. the storms have been causing a bit of havoc within california. the ride was bumpier than usual, but i am glad that i made it safe and sound. i was talking to DH today and he asked me how the trip home went. i told him that my new benchmark for a successful trip means getting where i want to go safely. this is very true.

after my meeting with DH today, i decided to step out into the rain and grab some steaming hot soup from a local japanese place (that happens to be purely vegetarian and i think vegan as well). i don't think of it as a "vegan" place or "vegetarian" place. i just think of it as a place that does good food. one of the dishes that i particularly enjoy is a mushroom melody soup that i order with soba noodles.

this is pretty much my favorite dish that i've had here thus far and it was perfect for a stormy day. i love the heartiness of the broth and the noodles.

i've also been known for adding a bit of the chili mixture to this soup as well....

because, why not? but the soup tastes quite lovely without it.

i know i've said this before.....and i doubt that this will be the last time i say this....but i do adore soup....particularly noodle soup. it is one of the ultimate comfort dishes for me. it is care within a bowl. i find that it is sustenance for all aspects of me.

it also made me realize once more just how fortunate i am to live where i know....being able to have extremely easy access to food like well as having enough income to be able to afford to purchase food like this for myself. it is a position of privilege. yes, i work extremely hard to inhabit where i am in my life today....yet having ready access to this sort of food is a privilege that many do not have. there are many people that work extremely hard but still are not able to afford or have access to quality foods. this is something i think about quite a bit actually....about how where i live and my current income level allows me to have access to some pretty amazing food.....and how unfortunately, access and being able to purchase quality food is a "privilege" rather than a basic human right. it makes me sad. because shouldn't it be a basic right? shouldn't we be entitled to have the expectation of access to quality food?

just a few things i've been thinking about. can you tell i've been reading pollan?

i doubt that these are the last words from me on this subject. just a fyi.


Chelsea said...

Is that soup from Cha-Ya? I have serious cravings for that place sometimes.

I know exactly what you mean about access to quality food. I feel privileged everyday to eat the way that I do.

I'm glad you made it home safely:)

foodie hunter said...

yup, the soup is from cha-ya! i do love this soup quite a bit. i'm glad that i made it home safely as well and it will be good to see you soon!