Wednesday, January 13, 2010

i carry you with me

location: london
time: 11:23pm

i'm winding down from the evening. there were a few things that needed to get done but thankfully, i had some time to pop over to marks & spencer food hall to grab a few things. i love the food hall. you can get prepared stuff that is quite tasty when you are on the go. no, i didn't take any pics....just too much in a rush when i arrived at my hotel. i find the M&S food hall particularly useful for someone like know...someone that likes to eat during off hours and it is ideal when i'm traveling on business.
it also helps when the hotel provides a fridge. for example, for dinner i had a couscous salad with roasted veggies....very yummy....then i also had a sweet corn tuna sandwich. i also bought a few more things like this refreshing sparkling elderflower presse that i'm sipping on right now....

as well as some greek yogurt, some lovely manuka honey (for coupling w/yogurt and w/ tea), blueberries, biscuits, etc. etc... as snacks for the next few days. i've settled into the room quite quickly.

it already feels like forever since i got on the plane to come here.....

and that was just a few hours ago.

while i was sitting on the plane, i was thinking of how the heart sister told me how JC (one of my godkids) asked her where i lived. the heart sister mentioned that she was a bit surprised and told JC that i lived in berkeley and then asked JC why he asked. JC indicated it was because i was traveling everywhere.

then i also thought about how, in many ways, it doesn't matter what city or country i am, i always carry them with me. for me....if i love you...(you know if you are on the "foodie hunter loved one list")....then distance and time are not going to change how i feel. t
his i feel. this i know. i do not understand why i feel and know this with such unwavering certainty with loved ones which is in complete contrast (as i blogged about recently) to my thoughts and feelings regarding romantic relationships. yet, aren't romantic partners also suppose to be loved ones? quite the paradox that is huh?

perhaps, it is because i know that i am able to go through life without lovers, but i cannot, and will not, go through my life without loved ones. hence my carrying them with me, wherever i am.

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