Tuesday, January 12, 2010

leaving for london

so i am at the SFO airport, waiting for my flight to london.

the SFO star alliance lounge is not exactly a place to get decent snacks. comparatively speaking, it pales in comparison to other lounges i've been in re: snacks. what it does have is a surplus of electrical outlets. i kind of wish i was nibblin' on the flan that i grabbed at the brazil cafe (see top pic) rather than lukewarm tea and average cookies.

i am glad that i brought my own treats (i.e., a box of spanish bon bons). to be fair, i must admit that i still feel like utter crap. such is life. when i talked to DH on the phone on monday he said "i'm gonna have to be honest with you. you sound bloody horrible."

good times. good times.

as a remote corporate employee whose corporate headquarters is based across the pond, it isn't like colleagues can "see" when you are sick. there is no office to go into. there is no one to say "you should go home because you are sick." i suppose at some point we are going to implementing video conference which i suppose will allow people to "see me" during meetings. yet, i also have mixed feelings about that one. nevertheless, i cannot go to london this week. it would be very bad for my career to not go.

the timing of it all is rather unfortunate though.

i'd rather be safe at home, recuperating from whatever this cold-flu thing is, working from my laptop in bed, with boxes of tissues on one side and the pets curled up against me on the other side. this is a rather long time to be sick and having restricted access to the brain. i re-read my sunday posting on monday and ended up cringing quite a bit. there were so many errors....it just goes to show that my brain is not running at maximum capacity. this is rather unfortunate.on the positive side though, i am feeling a bit better today. i don't seem to be leaking and hacking as much. this is good, since i am about to go sit on a plane for over 10 hours.

well, i better shut down, go find some more water, take some more medicine, and get myself prepared for the flight.

much love to you all dear hearts. i miss you already.




Su-Lin said...

Have a safe flight! It snowed here again!

foodie hunter said...

thanks! it was snowing lightly on me earlier...i'm glad that i brought a lot of warm clothes with me!