Friday, January 15, 2010

steak sandwich at cafe phillies

location: london
local time: 1:25am, saturday the 16th

i suppose i took some habits with me from the US.

i think the hours have been particularly interesting thus far because i haven't really had any "off duty" time since i've arrived. yet, before i bed down for a few hours, i wanted to share with you a place that DH and i visited for a lunch meeting today. we didn't have any preset idea of where we wanted to go for lunch except that it had to be quick and it had to be on our walking route back to the hotel. i spotted cafe phillies down a quieter street and liked the look of it. it looked like it would be a nice quiet bistro sort of place to grab some food.....a sort of "neighborhood" place.

our server was super nice and DH ordered us some sparkling water to drink while we were looking over the menus.

as we looked through the menu, i saw that they also served breakfast. this is the sort of place i think i would like to settle in for late a calm way to start my day. after looking through the menu....DH ended up ordering the tuna melt while i ordered the steak sandwich......

which included rocket (the green stuff), shredded parm (the real stuff), and a shallot dressing.

i quite enjoyed my sandwich. it was lovely. i was very happy with my sandwich.

i think DH was eye-balling my sandwich as well. however, despite the large size of the sandwich.... i was not really in the mood to i ate it all. everything was made very quickly so that was an added bonus.

it is nice when a random visit works out well.

hmmmm, now, i must try to get bed as i have to wake up in a few hours for the next round of meetings and such.

sending many hugs to all at home,


cafe phillies, 2A Phillimore Gardens, Kensington, London, W8 7QB, United Kingdom, phone: 020 7938 1890

p.s. ummmm...btw....DH still doesn't know about the blog, i took the pics while he was talking to someone on his blackberry. he still thinks taking pics of food is just an eccentricity of mine.

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