Friday, January 15, 2010

no apologies

location: london
time: 8 something am the moment i am at this cafe in london, looking out onto the street, and watching london start up. it is interesting to see how different cities begin their days. i really do like it here.

as i sit here, drinking my hot chocolate, eavesdropping on EMI music employees at nearby tables, and typing away on my laptop.... i am thinking about the trip thus far.

i hung out with a bunch of guys i work with last night. while i do like the members of my team quite a bit, i must admit that i miss working with independent alpha women. the energy is just different. or maybe i should say that i miss working with independent alpha women who do not feel the need to apologize for being good at what they do.

i don't get being around women that feel like they need to apologize for being good at something. work is not the primary driver in my life, but i have worked extremely hard to be where i am today. i am not going to apologize to anyone for being good at what i do. if that makes me an arrogant american, then everyone else can just deal with their own limited expectations and take a solid look at their own internal gender bias.

how's that for the foodie hunter falling to an american stereotype?

again, i'm not apologizing....just stating how it is. yes, i know that i have some pretty substantial weaknesses (as every human being in existence has weaknesses), but i am not going to apologize for producing quality work.

i don't know if women apologizing for being good at a more of a brit/euro thing or not. i just haven't really come across it very often with the american women i have worked with. i have come across it, but just not in the quantity that i have since working with more brits and europeans. it doesn't matter what nationality they are, i still find it equally annoying.
also, unsurprisingly, this is also not a quality that any of my female loved ones have either.

there are also some interesting quirks of working with brit and male europeans, but in an absolutely blatant act of self-preservation, i'm not going to write about it on this blog. as my identity gets "leaked" more and more these days, i am very much aware of being careful of what i say work wise.

well, must dash off to more meetings.....until later...


Su-Lin said...

I must've passed you on a bus this morning! :)

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