Thursday, January 7, 2010

octoberfeast's pretzel croissant

sometimes i am drawn to try certain foods by the smallest things.

after i made one of my usual stops at happy boy farms

to grab some lovely looking kale.....

i saw this very young hapa looking boy acting very serious about the croissants in front of the octoberfeast booth. he was around the same age as my godson. i am always fascinated by how adults treat kids. the man working the booth was very attentive (in a totally normal way and not a condescending way which so many adults speak to kids that drive me absolutely nutz) and asked the kid if he needed a bag to go with the croissant. the kid, happy with his croissant gave a big smile indicated that he didn't need a bag. after watching this exchange, i decided to vere away from buying my usual pecan chewy treat from phoenix pastificio (no i did not feel guilty about this...i buy lots of stuff from phoenix as they make great fresh pastas) and try one of these croissants that the kid was so into.

one of the things i noticed was that the croissants were darker than i am used to seeing in the states. the last time i saw a croissant that dark i was in a cafe in the paris.

after i paid for the croissant, i asked the man if i could take a picture. he seemed a bit surprised but was game. then he proceeded to attach the place card describing what was in it.

and no, he doesn't know who i am.

yet, it seems to me that he wasn't going to take any chances. i just smiled as he affixed the card. this speaks to me of an entrepreneurial spirit. it is also a good thing that he affixed the card as i had no idea that this was a pretzel croissant. i just thought it was a slightly different looking croissant.

if you'd like to read the place card a bit closer....please feel free to click on the pic. anyway, after i took my shots of the croissants and the booth

i wandered a bit and was almost out of the market before i took a bite. after i took a bite, i almost went back to buy a few more.

these suckers are really freakin good.


who knew? maybe i should pay attention to what kids get serious and excited about at the farmers' market more often.

the buttery and flaky layers are delicious.

jez, i didn't even make it to the street corner before i was done.

i, of course, went online to try to find out more about them and it looks like they have a store front on if i can get my act together tomorrow...i may be paying them a visit.

octoberfeast bakery, 1954 university avenue (between Bonita Ave & Milvia St), berkeley, CA 94704, +1 510 207 2320

also available at thursday berkeley farmers' market and as if today, their main page has a "under construction" message on it.

Update: deleted older link to locations as it seems they are not available at those locations anymore.

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Victoria said...

OMG. I love pretzels-- more than croissants, even, and I think that if they were even more buttery, I would be even more in love with them. I will need to pay this store a visit as well...