Friday, January 8, 2010

personal grievances

in this blog, i write of my personal experiences and my personal opinions.

if you have grievances against particular organizations that i have written about in the past, it would be best if you dealt with the organizations that you have the grievance with or take it up with the appropriate business bureau and/or chamber of commerce....or find a lawyer.

me nor my blog (via the comments section) are going to be used as vehicles for information from anonymous posters regarding their particular grievances.

i would have emailed this directly to you, but you left no means of contact information. just dropped your "bomb" and left. i suggest that if you make those sort of accusations that you be ready to stand behind them......even if it is with a consistent online presence.

i may be anonymous, but anyone that has personally pissed me off and i've written about it....can (and has) contacted me personally via my contact page.

people know where and how to respond to things i have written.

i suggest you do the same and not take pot shots from the shadows.

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