Sunday, January 10, 2010

simple pho sure

UPDATE: must apologize for all of the typos and just plain bad writing mistakes i did in this posting earlier.....i suppose i should use the same caution i use when i am buzzed or sick for hitting the "publish post" button ....


so i went on a grand adventure today.

i went to the library and i went to a pho house. woohoo!

yes, i am being completely facetious.

i didn't even have that successful of a visit at the library before i was overrun with a spontaneous coughing fit. i don't know what i got, but whatever it is, it likes to linger. i also have some pretty low energy and although i had all of these grand plans to get on BART and run some errands before i head out to london on tuesday, as soon as i got to the BART entrance, i realized there was no way i was going to be able to make it and decided to make a pit stop at a local pho house.

normally, i don't eat here. it is a place that caters toward the student population. it caters to them so much that they overload the rice noodles so that it sucks up the broth so much that you basically have a big bowl of beef flavored rice noodles. yet under the duress of this cold-flu-whatever thing i have, i had a moment of epiphany!

i could just ask for less noodles.

sometimes despite being so smart, the foodie hunter can also be quite stupid. i mean, that is a pretty obvious, simple and common sense solution.....and i completely missed the boat on that one. i believe young people these days would say "FAIL".

so as my pho with thin steak, fatty flank, and tendon arrived.....

i, of course, had my thoughts going in all sorts of directions. like, WTF am i going to do this week in london? i really hope that i don't have to talk to board members. i can imagine the conversation going along something like "hi, remember me? my name (cough cough) is foodie (cough hack hack) hunter. don't (cough spew projectile mucus outward) you have the utmost (hack hack) confidence in my analysis?" (cough).

maybe i can just avoid them! how's that for a simple and elegant solution?

"keep dreamin' babe" i muttered to myself as i seasoned my pho.

the execs are pretty much used to me by now and there will be no raised eyebrows (like there was last year around this time). it was actually pretty funny when i met a couple of them and a few board members for the first time last year. i look young for my age. particularly for someone that does what i do. the brows went down after various presentations. to be fair though, i am a bit of "an odd bird"....sometimes older men don't really know what to make of me....until you see the light bulb go off and they go "aha, this one can help me." at the end of the day, it is all about ensuring that the execs get the right (and accurate) information they need to make business decisions. i don't think they expected a data geek to understand strategy, business, sales, and markets from multiple perspectives and well, here is the kicker....they are rather surprised at the analytical skill set combined with the fact that i do not have a political agenda...i.e., i do not have any plans to be a VP (like ever. ever. ever.). i find that my success is correlated to helping others achieve steps toward that VP or "c" level title.

this works for me.

i don't see what is so fun about being in the "big chair". i'd rather be an advisor than the queen any day. plus, this work is not what drives me. yes, i spend a crazy amount of time on it. i want to be good at it....yes....and ensure that i do a good job. but do i want to rule? nope. no thank you.

another random thing i was thinking about as i was slurping through my soup and noodles was, of course, the randy pausch lecture i watched on saturday morning. i have a feeling that this lecture will stay with me for very long time. i don't think this is a bad thing.

there is one piece of advice that randy relayed that i was still laughing about as i was eating my was a tidbit that he heard from someone named sil (sp?). this choice tidbit was

"when it comes to men that are romantically interested in you, it is really simple, just ignore everything they say and only pay attention to what they do. it's that simple. it's that easy."

sigh. i really wish someone had said that to me many many moons ago and i was in a place to actually hear it.

now, i just laugh and laugh.....because....that is so true. particularly in young men.....and well, oddly men that are not so young as well.

and....since i am the foodie hunter....and i must call a spade a spade....therefore i must admit that there have definitely been instances where i have been in romantic relationships when i have been literally paralyzed to at the thought of saying anything that would give a peek into what i was "feeling". oh, i am a heck of a lot better now (but still have a lot of work to do) but my oh my....when i was younger? forget about it. hell hath be frozen over before the foodie hunter would let a dude know what her "feelings" were. poor dudes. sorry. what i didn't do though....which this choice tidbit of advice also applies say things i didn't mean. i went the "silent and say nothing route" as opposed to the "say anything to get me what i want....or escape this uncomfortable situation route."

i wish i had figured this advice out on my own a lot sooner. i mean, it really is simple isn't it? and heck, i've applied this to other parts of my life, but hadn't really applied much of it to the romantic arena. so much for the foodie hunter thinking she was so smart....she missed out on yet another thing....that is so simple....pho sure.

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