Sunday, January 3, 2010

status quo: still stick. taste buds off.


still sick. nothin' tastes right. still watchin' food porn lamenting about all of the things i can't taste as they should taste. after i watched a few episodes of anthony bourdain's no reservations on netflix, i decided to go diggin' around youtube for some vid clips that i thought everyone might enjoy...

gotta love the shots of the thai market foodstuff.... not to mention how the market rolls up when the train comes through. nice.

umm, must say that my favorite dish in that whole segment was the bone marrow. definitely one of the favorite things i had as a kid. i should make that actually. hmmmmm. i'm taking a mental note of that right now.

well, hopefully i'll be back on tasting real food soon rather than watching food porn rather longingly.

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