Tuesday, January 26, 2010

thank you bouchon bakery...

kay. i've practiced and rehearsed my presentation so much that my voice is already sounding kinda raspy. i think it is time to rest it a bit....and share with you my lovely and gluttonous experience with a few treats from bouchon bakery.

finding bouchon bakery was like my light at the end of the tunnel. i don't gamble, i don't smoke, i have an alcohol tolerance of a gnat, and there was no way i was going to have time to have a proper sit down at any of the infamous restaurants (like bouchon) while i am in vegas. so i was absolutely thrilled when i realized that there was a bouchon bakery outpost here so i could grab some things to munch on while working on my presentation. i was so deep in my own little happy world that i didn't even notice a co-worker when he kept saying my name and standing next to me.

i think i was internally humming to myself.

thankfully, i had already taken the pictures of bouchon at that point. no one i work with knows about the blog and i definitely hope to keep it that way.

after having a chat with my co-worker, i scurried back to my room to dive into the treats....

this above pic is their cheese danish...puff pastry....and was oh, so lovely and so yummmmy. sometimes i think we are meant to find things and i think i was meant to eat these things before my presentation as it put me in such an amazing mood.

the little brown chocolate cake was something i bought on a whim...i didn't know what it was....and wow....can i just say wow. this was exquisite.

this is what it looks like on the inside.

hmmmmm. i think i'm ready to "take on" the day now. thank you bouchon, for making this vegas experience so much easier to bear. well, gotta go!

hugs to all,


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