Monday, January 25, 2010


i am in vegas.

i am not the right demographic for vegas.

the artifice a very odd sort of way....but not for me. for example, here is a recreation of an "italy" scene.

i didn't modify any of the light in this pic. i am standing inside of the casino as i take the everything is inside. hmmmm. you see what i mean?

anyway, after checking into my hotel and going through some extremely frustrating experiences of trying to get the internet access to work, i decided to walk away from the laptop to get something to eat. naturally, i'm in a room that is bigger than my entire apartment.

the room service is pretty outrageous....which i have a feeling is done on purpose because they want you to walk the floor of the increase the chances of you gambling or buying the very shiny sparkly things.

i don't gamble....well, not that sort of gambling anyway. so i walked by all of the tables and tried to ignore the multitude of cocktail waitresses wearing dresses where i could see their edge of their firm buttocks peaking out from their hemlines. i hope they get tipped well. i went to the noodle joint which seemed to be the least fancy in the entire hotel casino....which was just fine by me....and grabbed a snack.....

then, admittedly, i paid over 8 bucks for a caramel apple.

yeah, it was an emotional buy. i admit it. i wanted a treat....and no, i don't charge this kind of stuff back to my company. yet something worked out as now i'm back in my room and the internet access works! i'll be practicing my presentation for a couple of hours....then i'll sleep....then i'll get up early to practice some more.

then when i am done, i'll head back home.....and ponder a bit more about what is truly important in this life....about facing fears....about having faith in myself....and finding the voice to ask for what i want. but for now, i should devote my attention back to my presentation.

much love to you all dear hearts....

until later,


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