Thursday, February 4, 2010

another evening at corso

the other night the best friend and i paid a visit to corso and sat at the always entertaining chef's counter. i love sitting here. those of you who have been reading the blog for a while probably already know that i make regular visits to corso. sometimes i write about it.....and sometimes i don't. however, i do consider it to be my "neighborhood" place.

with all of the travel nonsense for the past few months, it has been a while since i have been in the evening and there was a gal (about time) on the line as well as a guy that i hadn't seen before.

lets get the sexist non-foodie stuff out of the way shall we? there are a couple of hot guys on the line at corso. there is this one gregarious confident guy that practically dances as he works the saute and is a serious flirt master. the guy is a master at his craft. even when he is firing stuff left and right, he still has a smile at the ready. the guy's got a lot of personality. although the last time i saw him though, he was expediting rather than working the line....and he was also working the booth w/the chef at the spice of life festival a while back.

the guy working the saute recently during the night that the best friend and i visited was all composure, professionalism, and tres hot. i, of course, had to share this perspective with the best friend in a conspiring whisper "ummm, kay, he's really hot."

i may be recovering from a broken heart but i'm definitely not dead.

there is something very attractive about quiet competence and i couldn't help but think "aww, look at that" when he flashed an endearing set of dimples....when he inquired whether or not we enjoyed the gnocchi with wild nettles.....

he was a bit concerned that we waited a while to touch it....he just wanted to make certain we were happy with it. just to be clear, he wasn't flirty or anything like that. he was being professionally friendly.

btw, if you proclivities are toward the ladies....there are also a couple of very attractive lady servers at corso as well. one of the super adorable ones (as well as being super competent) was working that night as well. she wasn't the server helping us that night but both the best friend and i have been helped by her in the past both together and separately and she is one of our faves. after she brought me my wine (i think she was just helping out)....i also murmured to the best friend "she's so cute!"

maybe one day i'll figure out what their names are.

kay, now that i've gotten that out of the way.

i always enjoy the food at corso. i find that i am quite fortunate to have this place in my neighborhood. we decided to pass on the sugo (although i do love it here)

in order to have the the gnocchi instead. the gnocchi with the pine nuts and wild nettles was quite lovely that evening. i think i may be paying corso a visit for lunch soon so that i can enjoy it again. the other dishes we had included the salumi plate.....

which the duck prosciutto was a particular fave ......along with the lardo....

yum yum.....and the house made lamb sausage with lentils...

and a side of roasted beets with nuts, pecorino, and celery was a hit as well. i really enjoyed the different textures of the beet dish quite a bit.

we ended the meal with the panna cotta (a typical foodie hunter fave) but the stand out was the torta di marscarpone e acero (the dessert on the left). i'm very glad that corso added it to the dessert menu.

overall, it was yet a lovely night at corso....not my first....and not my last....

corso trattoria: 1788 shattuck avenue berkeley, ca 94709, +1 510 704 8004

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