Friday, February 12, 2010

ending the week a bit early....

hmmm. it is the end of the week and i've sent off a recent report completed by my team. i've received some very positive feedback.....and it did make me pause.... and realize how important it is to be appreciated and treated well. i definitely feel appreciated by the boss and the boss-boss. i know that i am quite lucky as being appreciated at work is not a "given".

at this time, many of my US-based colleagues are buried in various levels of snow from the recent storm activity that has hit the east coast and now the south. so it is rather quiet and i think i'm going to take advantage of finishing up this project and the quiet time to end the week early, especially since my first meeting on monday starts at 6am. i think i will be drinking coffee before that meeting.

so i'm sitting in a local cafe, looking through some recent pics that i took of making a simple meal at home that consisted of roasted kabocha squash.....

which i topped with mcevoy extra virgin olive oil and maldoon sea salt. simple. yet effectively luxurious at the same time..

and i paired it with some buttered whole wheat orzo with roasted asparagus and parsley.

again, pretty simple. especially since i actually roasted the veggies the day before i made this so it took all of 20 min tops to put everything together. it is nice when things come together.

i remember thinking as i was making this how much i will miss california produce.

food is so much a part of who i am. i have never denied this and this blog is a living testimony to just how food is heavily intertwined to how i perceive my life and how i relate to the world. one of the significant pros of working from home is my opportunity to cook for myself during the day. this would go away if i lived in london as i would be going into a formal office every day. yet, i must also heart must squeakily acknowledge while peeking around the substantially long and large titanium wall of my pride....that london is currently in the front runner position despite losing the opportunity to cook during the day.

i haven't spoken more about it with i think we are just letting me "sit" with the idea of working from new york and london for a while....because who knows? new york may become the front runner once the best friend and i visit for a few days in march. maybe i'll be seduced by the city once more. also, nothing is going to happen in the next few months as i'll be doing some more extensive travel for why live in a place for a month if i wouldn't even really be there? the potential travel schedule right now includes a visit to ireland and china in april as well as some domestic US-based travel throughout may-june. plus there is a wedding that i will not be missing in june.

so regardless, nothing would really happen until the fall.

it gives me more than enough time to process about things.

maybe too much time. or perhaps, not enough time for the sadness to be lifted from my bones.

i fully acknowledge that these things are not bad problems to have. despite being sad right now, i am fully able to recognize and see that these are actually quite amazingly great problems to have. i just don't want to fuck it up....or perhaps there is a part of me....that won't believe it is all "for reals" until it really happens....that perhaps it will all be taken away if i hope for it...or believe in it too much....which i think is rather understandable at the moment, don't you?

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