Thursday, February 18, 2010

gathering provisions

the week is almost to an end and i can't wait!

i am very excited as there is a group of us that are heading to still water cove this weekend to do some mushroom hunting, make food, eat food, drink wine, and hang out. this is...hmmmm.....i'd say the fourth event that we have done thus far. the first being a rather large dinner in september, the porchetta event, and a dinner at contigo (which i didn't blog about but had a lovely time). each of us contributes different components to the gathering and my part includes bringing coffee (ahem, blue bottle of course), sweet and savory snacks (i've been gathering snacks from different locations all week), and wine. today, i made the trek over to paul marcus wines in rockridge to gather the wine.

i do love the selection at paul marcus and purchased a selection of italian reds that i hope will be very appropriate for the crowd and activities we have planned for the weekend.

did i mention how i can't wait? sigh.

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