Tuesday, February 23, 2010

meatpaper east meats west rabbit dinner

last week when i received the tweet from meatpaper about their upcoming east meats west rabbit dinner, i immediately contacted the best friend to see if she would be down for going. i had already made plans for monday...but i decided to change them on the spot.

i mean, check out this menu.....

Rabbit Charcuterie
- rabbit sausage; rabbit en gelee; smoked rabbit loin; toast, pickles and mustard

Shaved Celeriac Salad
- toasted masa organics almonds

Andante Pecorino Dungeness Crab Salad - baby nagoya and white peacock kale; watermelon radishes; chopped soul food farm egg; buttermilk dressing

Breakfast for Dinner
- fried tartine brioche; sautéed rabbit livers; “hollandaise sauce”

Rabbit Legs Various Ways
- hind leg al mattone; crispy fried fore leg; sweetbread country gravy; little city greens; twice baked parsnips

Secret Desserts
from Liz Prueitt of Tartine and Stacie Pierce of Chez Panisse

when monday (aka yesterday) came around, i was pretty excited. in fact, i'm pretty certain that everyone i passed or was around that day could tell that i was excited. i loved the sign that that they put up in front of bar tartine....isn't that a riot? on one side is a regular rabbit and on the other side is the skeleton. (see top images). i had a good laugh at the sign. a couple of random people also attending the event struck up conversations with me....as they seemed very excited too. we were all excited together! one lady actually attended the first dinner in brooklyn and was looking forward to this one....and another lady had heard about the event through tablehopper and was there for an anniversary dinner with her husband. i notice that random folks talk to me a lot more when i am at these food-oriented events. when i made a comment about this to the best friend, her response was along the lines of how i look a lot more approachable when i am excited as people can tell that i am excited.

hmmm. this is good to know.

anyway, we had a lovely time. the food was absolutely delicious and the service was excellent. things that were added to the menu were oysters from virgina....

and a rabbit and duck pate to the charcuterie offering....

which turned out to be one of my favorite tastes of the evening. my other favorite taste was the crab salad. yum yum. also, in case you are curious, the dessert was a moscato d'asti granita with candied carrot curls .....as well as a floating island (meringue) with citrus and vanilla bean creme anglaise. i had never had the floating island dessert before....and after having it at the event...i realized why it is such an iconic dessert.

the meal also came with a wonderful olive bread.... a cocktail and wine pairings...and the staff didn't even blink an eye when i asked for just red wine pairings for me and for an extra set of meatpaper and diner journal publications.

overall, the experience definitely lived up to my excited expectations....i had an absolutely wonderful time.

UPDATE: to see some truly lovely pics of the dinner, please visit:

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