Wednesday, February 3, 2010

OTD makes me hum with happiness

when things get complicated there is nothing like a bowl of soup to soothe the soul. this morning, i set out to visit OTD (out the door) in pac heights. i have been wanting to visit this outpost for quite some time and thought that it will be quite some time before i have another day off in the middle of the week.... so i had better seize this opportunity. my expectations were pretty high for OTD. i am a fan of charles phan and the slanted door is one of my favorite restaurants....i even booked the private room for my bday i wasn't about to lower my expectations......and i am very happy to report that i had a lovely time at OTD.

i arrived in that "in between" time after breakfast and before lunch, which for me, the anti-social foodie hunter, is a perfect time to eat in a restaurant. i dislike crowds. visiting OTD at this time also allowed me to grab a table and just breathe in the modern design which appeals greatly to my sense of design aesthetic.

i pretty much knew what i wanted right away....i was looking for comfort so i was all about the chicken porridge (chao). yes, i know that i make chao at home, but jez....i had a feeling that OTD chao would blow mine out of the water. i also ordered a side of chá truong vit which OTD describes as a quiche....and this is something that usually one only finds in vietnamese homes rather than restaurants.

the folks at OTD were very friendly as i sipped on my sparkling water and waited for the dishes to arrive.

when the dishes arrived, i was pretty excited. oooohhhhh......

i was literally dancing in my seat as i was taking spoonfuls of the chicken porridge. yup, this blows mine completely out of the water (not a big shock). i could feel myself hum with happiness.....

such is the power of this soup for was such a comfort....i felt as if i was wrapped in this warm blanket of goodiness. i hadn't even gotten to the chá truong vit yet....

but that was pretty freakin' great too and dare i say it? it is much better than my mother's.

it was an absolutely lovely visit. just lovely.

OTD, 2232 bush street, san francisco, ca 94115, Reservations accepted. phone: +1 415 923 9575,

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