Tuesday, February 16, 2010

spoil me wickedly

i used to eat quite a bit of ice cream.

this makes sense as it is probably my favorite type of dessert....and this is no small thing considering i have a rather massive sweet tooth. yet, ever since i have obtained access to some lovely artisan ice cream from the likes of ici ice cream (in berkeley....love the ice cream sandwiches and anything they do with creme fraiche), bi-rite creamery (in sf...hello...salted caramel...the best...ever), and of course, the much beloved humphry slocombe (many faves but just a few....blue bottle vietnamese coffee, secret breakfast, balsamic caramel, etc....in sf), i eat ice cream less. i no longer buy it from the grocery store....as many of these ice creams pale in comparison. this wasn't something that i've done consciously. it was something that has just happened over the past year and it really hit home when i passed on ordering an in-house made ice cream for dessert at a local well-known restaurant.

i don't see this as snobbish behavior...i see this as having been completely spoiled by knowing just how good and amazing ice cream can be and would rather have the amazing taste less often, then have the good/ok taste more often. now that i think about it a bit more, this is much like how i wouldn't eat a macaron for over a YEAR after i had them at pierre hermes in paris. i suppose i didn't want the grocery store bought ice creams to remove my food memories of the delectable delicious creaminess from the ici, bi-rite, and humphry slocombe goodies.

of the three, i must admit that my top fave is humphry slocombe...which is likely to surprise no one who knows me or reads my blog. this past weekend, i had the opportunity to try the chocolate smoked sea salt flavor .....

which was so delectable in its sweet savory creaminess that both my companion and i had many quiet moments sitting at one of their outside tables.....just wanting to relish and savor each spoonful.

it was lovely.

every time i eat their ice cream i feel incredibly spoiled in a wickedly wonderful way.....and speaking of being spoiled in a wickedly wonderful way....i also bought myself a couple of the duck fat pecan pies. i do love these pies....for more thoughts about them, please visit an earlier post i wrote.

i'm eating one right now which is why i have humphry slocombe on the brain.

hmmmm....so wickedly delicious. sigh.

ici ice cream, 2948 college avenue, berkeley, ca 94705, phone +1 510 665 6054, http://www.ici-icecream.com/

bi-rite creamery, 3692 18th street (@ dolores), san francisco, ca, 94110, http://biritecreamery.com/

humphry slocombe, 2790 harrison street, san francisco, ca 94080, +1 (415) 550-6971, cash only, http://www.humphryslocombe.com/|_Home_|.html


jcsnotes said...

Thanks for putting your finger on a phenomenon I've unwittingly experienced too. The advent of Bi-rite, Humphrey S, and 3 Twins (lemon cookie!) means that I don't buy from the store any more and consequently eat less ice cream as a whole but better stuff when I do partake.

foodie hunter said...

thanks for the comment jcsnotes!